Real Estate in Phuket    About Thailand

An Israeli man kite surfs in AshkelonThe year-round summer, a prolific investment climate, exuberant economic growth and initially low prices with high grade of real estate development made the country such popular. Within the last few years, Thailand has dramatically changed. A formidable business metropolis Bangkok with its main-streets full of skyscrapers and a quiet island-resort Phuket with chic trade centers, hotels conforming to the highest world standards, best beaches and magnificent Ocean terraced villas with swimming pools.

As a result, Thailand and its pearl-island of Phuket possess a unique combination of luxury life, such as:

1. A trouble-free country. Population in Thailand is extremely friendly to every one who visits their country. Nowhere in the world will you meet such respectfulness and advertence. They say that Thailand is a country if smiles and to be a Thai means to be polite.

2. Relaxing atmosphere. Sandy beaches, which are very popular among tourists from all over the world, lock the island of Phuket. If you like silence and calmness you can reach one of the numerous small islands near Phuket just in an hour. Blue and clean water, white sand and chore with palms – all this is meant to make your rest formidable.

3. Top-level safety. Crime rate in Thailand is one of the lowest in the world. Nevertheless, in order to provide peaceful life, almost every house or condominium are situated on fenced territory with round-o’clock security and concierge.

4. Multinational neighborhood. More that 5 millions foreigners reside in Thailand. Generally, they are English-speaking people. Most of them prefer to live not far from each other, so very often we can meet situation where only foreigners live in a condominium or in a villa community. For the last few years quantity of European expats in Thailand has dramatically grown. They come here to spend a holiday in their own houses or to stay for good. If you are afraid of language barrier or if you prefer company of your fellow compatriots, you can buy real estate on the territory with high concentration of Europeans.

5. Sprawling infrastructure. Most condominiums in Thailand are with swimming pools, fitness halls, business center and recreational area. Houses are generally built as a settlement with centralized service for swimming pools, lawns, gardens and cleaning. In addition, the charge is quite moderate.

6. Favorable prices. In general, foreigners buy real estate in Thailand by two reasons: for personal use and for long-term investments. It is not a secret that in spite of all advantages, houses and flats in Thailand are tremendously cheaper that those in most cities of Europe. For instance, a flat in a condominium with of 100-200 square meters of space can cost $80,000 – 100,000, and a house with a garden – $200,000! In view of growing demand and great inflow of foreigners, prices for real estate in Thailand are growing for about 20-30% per year!